We carry out quantitative and qualitative studies of the Russian economy and its segments. Industry-wide and regional studies. Expert interviews. Economic performance assessments. Competitor comparative reviews.


General studies of the national economy industries, macroeconomic indicators, dynamics of change in recent years, the trend of the industry, expert evaluation and opinions.
Comparative analysis of the largest companies, top lists. Comparison of financial performance. Biographical information on market leaders, tracking activities.
Study of interest in goods and services according to the number and intensity of user requests on the Internet with a breakdown by region and comparative charts of substitute or competitor products.
Speakers and experts in the industry or topic under study. Officials, journalists, subject matter experts, heads of the largest industrial enterprises and trading companies most frequently mentioned in the press, the Internet, and on television.
Calendar of the main events of the chosen industry, exhibitions, forums, conferences, professional holidays, birthdays of leaders and experts, seasonality of industries.
Actual research of market prices for goods from the selected list in various retail outlets in the selected region or cities of Russia. Comparison of chain stores and supermarkets. Dynamics of price changes.



At the request of our customers we search, analyze and visualize the found information for maximum ease of perception. In addition to statistical data, we often use the expert opinion of leading experts in the field under study. At the same time, we involve not only external specialists, but also the company’s internal resources. Many of our studies are of a general industry nature. However, upon the customer’s request we can gather information on a fairly narrow and specific range of issues. For advice on such studies, please contact our office.
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Examples of Data Used
For our customers, we conduct additional research using machine learning and neural network technologies. In particular, we use these approaches for in-depth analysis of supply and demand in the market, searching for potential buyers and suppliers for our customers’ products. We collect data from the largest trading platforms, auctions, industry portals. We systematize and analyze information, including from news feeds and social networks. We also analyze big data provided by customers.

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Phone: +7 (495) 215-13-61


“RussExpo” JSC,

30A ul. Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, Bld. 1, office 502, Moscow, 123056, Russia

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